Support Services

 (We can HELP Churches and your Church Membership with valuable resources)



Advocacy for Local, State, Federal Policy

Our primary objective is to work directly with legislators and government administrators relating to our issues which includes education, access to capital, senior care, disable care, youth development to name a few.

Aging and Disability

As a Senior or Disable Medicare cardholder, have you ever received a letter from the Social Security office and don't know what to do next? This can be very scary. We can help! We will assign an experience personal qualified social support person to assist you with questions and walk you through this process.


Most Seniors have worked their entire adult life. They have invested in IRAs, Pensions, and 401k(s). They want a certified licensed professional that would protect their interest as a Senior without losing their investments. Our collaborative partners are certified licensed independent individuals with their primary mission would be to work and safeguard the SENIORS golden years on investments.  The Credit Union is the best financial solution for our community.

Jobs & Training

Some Seniors, Veterans and Disable individuals seek second careers.  Years of work may have changed due to technology.  We can refer these individuals to new resources that would offer training.

Emergency Readiness

Emergency relief includes the membership entire community. This tool connects you to the local community emergency central which includes your organization, your organization member’s local government and certified diversity businesses.


Our healthcare relationship relates to Medicare Advantage / Supplement for Seniors (65+) and Disable individuals, America Care Act (Obamacare) and Group Insurance for individuals, organizations, and business owners to bring to you the less expensive quality insurance coverage.

Legal Support

Our affiliate legal team care about you as a member. They can assist you with Wills and Legal issues so you can have comfort knowing that everything will be alright. If you are being sued as a Senior NO problem, our legal team will support you in your Court appearance and defend you with experience and integrity.

Products/Services Discount

Our affiliate discount services include discounts from local and national vendors such as restaurants, retail, and service businesses for our members. Discounts and Savings can range up to 50% + where applies.

Family Support

Our Social service team make sure you and family get the best results from a healthcare, property tax system, Social Service issues, and justice support.

Products/Services Incentive

Our affiliate incentive services include incentive from local and national vendors such as restaurants, retail and service businesses for our members which include specials and coupons.