About Us

About Us

Imani2k National Association is a hub for local the faithbase organizations that focus on equality for local respective community.  We work with other organizations that advocate on the behalf of the faithbase community as it relates to the local, state and federal policies serving older adults and people with disabilities individuals.  We provide a collaborative effort with local & state government in order to establish a VOICE for the community growth and wellness for each neighborhood.


Imani2k National mission is to bring together and leverage programs, resources, and organizations to protect and ensure the quality of life and independence of older senior citizens and adults with disabilities.  We partner with provider agencies to make services for older adults and adults with disabilities available in our community.  To promote mutual aid in local neighborhoods with economic and social development through community business enterprises that would add additional benefits to the neighborhood community.


Imani2k National work on structuring together the relationships and partnerships with other organizations in order to incubate and replicate innovative programs through new and existing activities.  Our partnerships with leading companies and organizations allow our members the best solution for a healthier and quality of life.